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Symbulon Charitable Trust is a Non-Profit Organization that supports afterschool projects for children in the field of Performing Arts.
The primary focus is to ensure the continuity, and encourage development, of First Step Ballet McGregor by providing financial and material support, but Symbulon Charitable Trust also supports other existing projects in the field of Dance, Music & Theatre.
The strength of the ‘dance, music & theatre’ paradigm for the development of the local youths is so convincing and worthwhile that it deserves to be applied on a larger scale. This minimally requires sufficient funding, for which we request your assistance, but also additional dedicated individuals to scale, manage and implement the creative process.
Small changes are well known to take a large effort. This McGregor project demonstrates that success is attainable. We hope to make a small contribution to make them sustainable.
Our main focus today is building a new facility for performing arts in Tindall Street 42. Please come and have a look and see what we achieve with local companies, local materials and an local workforce.


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