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Welcome to McGregor, the village that time forgot

Take a deep breath, smell the roses and stroll straight into a nineteenth-century watercolour painting. Light blues and greens are accentuated by white-washed houses with thatched roofs, rambling gardens and long, winding roads.

Not only is this town one of the Western Cape’s best-kept secrets, but it’s also the perfect fusion of country living and nature.

Uncorrupted by commercialism, old and new merge together, creating an authentic village feel. Here you will definitely not find chain stores and fast-food places. Instead, quaint bespoke shops, delis, and country restaurants line the streets. Even the old South African tradition of the café corner shop is still thriving where you can find anything from a pin to a pumpkin – when in season of course! Life here is slow and easy and time is measured the old-fashioned way – by church bell. And don’t forget your early morning call, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood rooster!

McGregor Vernacular Architecture
McGregor has a long history of being recognized as one of the most important vernacular villages in South Africa, and although the village has undergone massive transformations within the last four decades, it still retains its unique architectural character and sense-of-place. For this reason the MHS encourages the protection of the architectural heritage in such a way so that McGregor’s Cultural Landscape may be retained.

McGregor Great Outdoor
There are numerous hiking trails in the McGregor area for those with itchy feet and lots of energy. The Kleinberg trail is within walking distance of town, and is an easy two-hour walk in the surrounding hills. Or go for a walk amongst the wild life at The Krans Nature reserve or the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve.‍The Rooikat and Boesmanskloof Trails, 13 and 14 kms respectively, offer a more challenging hike, both through mountainous terrain.

McGregor Restaurants, Wineries & Shops
McGregor is home to a number of eateries- offering Asian fusion dishes, fine dining, wood fired Pizzas and much more. The village lies on the southern end of the Robertson Wine Valley Route and there are a few wineries in the area. Blessed with sun-soaked soil, the terroir of the McGregor valley and slopes produce quality wines. Some of the wineries in the area are Tanagra Wines, Lord’s Wines, McGregor Winery and Bemind Winery.

McGregor Mountain Biking & Trail Running
McGregor is a true mountain biking heaven with a variety of routes in the area from flat and easy trails for families to hardcore single tracks and longer gravel rides.‍ Pop into McGregor Tourism to pick up their route map of the seven most popular mountain biking trails. Wheel amongst the wild at Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve, just 5 km out of town. Here you’ll find an easy 8 km trail along footpaths and gravel roads through the reserve– expect to see resident springboks and other mammals.

McGregor Events
There are numerous annual events in McGregor from the annual McGregor Poetry Festival to the McGregor Food and Wine Festival, The McGregor Whisky Weekend to name a few. Our events showcase the creative spirit of the community, with galleries and performances highlighting the talents of local artists. Whether it’s savouring gourmet delights, revelling in poetic rhythms, or immersing oneself in the breath-taking landscape, McGregor offers a tapestry of events that captivate the soul.

McGregor Culture & Traditions
Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of McGregor, a town steeped in history and community spirit. Celebrate the vibrant local heritage through annual festivals, traditional crafts, and time-honored customs that bring residents and visitors together. Experience the warmth and hospitality of McGregor’s people, whose pride in their cultural roots is evident in every corner of the town. Visit McGregor to connect with a community that cherishes its past while embracing the present.